Estate Planning

Make the most of your legacy

Estate planning is a very important aspect of your comprehensive financial plan, and the earlier you plan the better. If you neglect this process, you risk not properly providing for the continued care and support of your family.

The estate planning process continually evolves over your life cycle. A young adult is more concerned about building an estate and providing for the continued support of their family over a long period of time, in the event of a premature death. As an individual ages and retires, they're more concerned about passing on their accumulated wealth to their loved ones and minimizing estate taxes.

Some of the common Estate Planning objectives are to:
  • ensure that surviving family members will maintain their current standard of living
  • provide for the continued care of a disabled child or dependent parent
  • provide sufficient capital to fund future needs for a child or grandchild
  • pass on a family business or treasured property
  • make a charitable bequest
  • minimize taxation and probate fees upon death
  • equalize bequests to children or grandchildren
By sitting down with you and reviewing your objectives, we're able to propose various strategies and help implement them to achieve these estate objectives.

Another component of your estate plan is preparing a power of attorney. This is an essential document, but needs very careful thought. A Power of Attorney (POA) allows you to grant decision-making authority to a selected representative for your property and personal care.

The key to estate planning is thorough documentation and review. As your life evolves and circumstances change, it's essential to review your estate plan, including your Power of Attorney and Will. Our team is able to assist you with the review process, and if you do not already have a lawyer, we can refer you to one to make the necessary changes to your Will or Power of Attorney.

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