Frequently Asked Questions

How are you paid for your services?
The companies that we place your money with pay us. Companies all pay similar referral fees, so there is no bias of one investment company over another. The only service we have ever charged for as an additional fee is income tax preparation.

Is my money safe?
All GICs qualify for the $100,000 CDIC Protection. All cheques are made directly payable to the company recommended or to the dealer trust account. Client funds are never co-mingled with the general operating funds of RBA Financial.

Will you refer me to a few of your clients, so I can ask about your service?
We strive to maintain the confidentiality of each and every client. A few testimonials are available on our website for your perusal. Existing clients refer the majority of our clients to us and we have a 99.1 percent client retention rate.

How do you invest your own money?
My family's money is invested in the same or similar investments that we recommend to our clients. We frequently demonstrate this by showing clients our personal investment statements. We strongly believe that advisors should have their own personal money in investments that they recommend to their clients.

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