How to make your dreams reality

Everyone dreams of how they'll spend retirement. You might look forward to having the time to relax or spend more time with your family. Or maybe you're looking forward to enjoying travel adventures. But most people don't put their dreams down on paper or plan on how to make them happen. That's what we're here for. We revel in meeting with our clients and listening to their hopes and aspirations for retirement. Then, working with you, we implement a strategy that fits your style and time-horizon, to ensure you'll achieve your dreams at retirement. Our team of expert advisors continually monitors your plan and through regular reviews with you, we help to ensure that your plan stays the course.

Here are some of the factors we'll take into consideration when creating your retirement plan

Income Planning How much will you need to save so you comfortably maintain your lifestyle at retirement?

Tax Planning How can you minimize the effects of taxation on your retirement income?

Time Horizon How many years do you have to build your nest egg before your planned retirement?

Criteria of Estate Transfer Do you wish to pass assets on to family members, and in what form?

Charitable Bequests Do you wish to make any charitable bequests and realize the tax benefits prior to death?

With our exceptional product knowledge and expertise, we're able to help you choose the right investment vehicle to maximize returns by minimizing the management expense ratio (MER) and by pre-screening quality managers.

Let us show you the astounding results that a decrease of only 1 percent in MERs can do for your overall retirement plan. Have a look at this sample retirement plan.

And remember, it's never too early to start planning for your own dream-retirement

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Anita Laughlin
   Anita Laughlin