Tax Planning

Develop a tax strategy to save you money

RBA Financial offers tax preparation for our client base, which is our only chargeable service. Our team includes a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), who audits each and every tax return. We'll review your family tax situation and help identify tax minimization strategies that fit your personal situation. One of these strategies began with the 2007 income tax return filing. Canadian residents are now able to income-split their eligible pensions with their spouse/common-law partner for income tax purposes.

If you're a recipient of the Old Age Security (OAS), as part of your investment/tax planning we'll work with you to reduce any OAS Clawback as well as assist you to qualify for the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), if you have no forced income.

We also provide audit assistance, and often find missed deductions or credits that should have been received by you. These deductions or credits are not lost. All you need to do is file a Tax Return Adjustment, which we can perform for you.

The April 30th Tax Filing deadline comes every year let us help you prepare effectively to minimize your tax burden.

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Karen Campbell
   Karen Campbell